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Professional Healthcare Associates (PHCA) was founded in 1977 as an exclusive program for select New Jersey OBGYNs seeking to achieve growth and ongoing profitability of their medical practice balanced with prudent risk management and quality patient care.

Benefits You Will Not Find Anywhere Else in the Industry

Membership in PHCA is available only through MBS Insurance Services, Inc. We offer an outstanding array of benefits that you will not find anywhere else in the industry. Our innovative programs combine group risk protection, exceptional coverage rates and exclusive program benefits.

Premium Stability

We offer significant financial incentives via rate stability for our members who enact our proven risk mitigation protocols. With tools such as the Advanced Fetal Monitoring course and the Shoulder Dystocia Screen we continue to improve our risk profiles.

And with our help most of our member practices have already implemented EMR Systems and availed themselves of our Practice Assessment Teams that highlight any problem areas the practices may have. This assessment, while costly to non-members, is FREE of charge to all PHCA member practices.

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