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Welcome, we are glad you have chosen to be our client! Tom Watson, Sr., the founder of IBM, said that to be great, a company needs a religion. Good advice, too, for a company like ours. Therefore, in this our first meeting, let us share with you our core beliefs about risk management and insurance, and you can see if they match yours.

First, we believe the purpose of insurance, first and foremost, is to protect you, not skimp on coverages to save a few pennies. Therefore, the companies we represent are chosen with very stringent criteria; the first being they will be around to pay your claim.

Second, we believe that a single measurement is worth a thousand opinions. That’s why we dig deep to analyze the financials of every company we represent and don’t rely on opinions, but proven strategies we have discovered by investing tens of thousands of dollars in due diligence. By the way, we use these same techniques to discover your true insurance needs and design “Protection” to match.

Third, we believe in selling with integrity. The MBS credo is we will always tell the truth, dramatically. We won’t lie, shortchange you, recommend coverages we don’t believe in just to make a sale and we won’t cut corners. Our mission to protect you with every tool we have in the box and we have a lot of them as you will soon discover.

Fourth, we believe that like a master builder, one can have the materials, the tools and the talent but unless they have a true understanding of what you need and want, the final product won’t be in your best interest. Therefore, we promise that you will have someone here who will listen intently, dig deeply, and use the tools we have to develop the insurance protection you need.

Thanks again for choosing us and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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