6 Manuals Every Office Needs

  1. HIPAA – Patient Record Privacy. It’s a guideline for your office on following the correct procedures to ensure that your patient’s information is kept private.
  2. OSHA – This manual ensures that your office is fully compliant with occupational health and safety rules set forth by the Department of Labor. For example, exam Room Policy (i.e. how to clean up spills, dispose of needles, etc) Very important for risk management.
  3. Corporate Compliance – Simply stated, this manual is a guide on how to run your business. For example, how to bill and code correctly. Everything is run in accordance with the regulations set by the United States Government. Best thing for running a business. Should be reviewed by a labor attorney once it is customized to your practice.
  4. Employee Policy Manual – All of the office rules and regulations specific to that particular practice (Paid time off, lunch hours, computer policy, bereavement days…etc). This manual not only protects the physician as an owner, but it also keeps the staff in line when it comes office rules and conduct. Once tailored to your practice we do recommend that this manual also be reviewed and signed off on by a labor attorney, just stating that all of the federal rules and regulations as they pertain to certain sections (i.e. The Family Leave Act) are up to date.
  5. Office Policy and Procedures Manual – This manual is basically putting in writing job descriptions for each of your staff members, from start to finish it covers each persons daily tasks. The purpose of this manual is to minimize amount of time training replacements and/or new hires. It also includes clinical guides for Physician Assistants and Nurse Practioners.
  6. Administration Manuals – This is basically a binder that contains every contract and insurance policy the practice might have. From Malpractice, Business owners, EPLI, Shareholder agreements, buy sell agreements and leases. We suggest that you also scan the documents into a computer and then keep the binder off-site in case of emergency. This is something that you (or your staff) can prepare, we would be happy to review it to make sure it contains all the necessary documents.
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