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6 Manuals Every Office Needs

HIPAA – Patient Record Privacy. It’s a guideline for your office on following the correct procedures to ensure that your patient’s information is kept private. OSHA – This manual ensures that your office is fully compliant with occupational health and safety rules set forth by the Department of Labor. For example, exam Room Policy (i.e. […]

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Demystifying Cyber Insurance

If you don’t already have a Cyber Security or Cyber Liability policy, you likely don’t understand what it is or what it does for your business. The reason behind that is that most insurance professionals don’t understand it either. “Cyber” is afforded lots of publicity through such notable hacking events as Target, Home Depot and […]

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PHCA Program

We have been committed to providing financial protection to OBGYNs for over 20 years and have developed a program that makes our rates the most competitive in New Jersey. Our focus on group benefits has enabled us to provide significant savings for physicians and their practices. There is no need to wait for your renewal […]

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