For over 30 years, thousands of physicians in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania have chosen to trust MBS with their medical malpractice liability insurance. With MBS, you have access to the industry’s widest array of coverage options, including occurrence, claims-made and convertible claims-made. We provide free tail coverage to physicians at retirement after completion of one year of medical malpractice liability insurance.

  • Risk Management Discounts, New Physician Discounts
  • Aggressive Defense Philosophy
  • Loss Prevention Techniques
  • Closed Case Abstracts
  • FREE CME Credits
  • Excellent Legal Representation
  • Super Competitive Rates
  • The Very Best in Agency Representation

Unparalleled Financial Strength

We provide stability for each and every physician to secure their business and their financial future with certainty. We do this by ensuring the coverage you receive is from medical malpractice insurance carriers built on the industry’s highest financial ratings. You receive the ultimate flexibility in meeting your needs because we offer flexibility from the industry’s widest array of coverage options including occurrence, claims made and convertible claims made policies.

Built-in Defense Teams

Doctor’s are our specialty. For over 30 years, MBS has worked closely with the leaders in the medical malpractice insurance industry. We know and understand the realities of healthcare and the special needs of physicians. Our carriers are chosen on the basis of their proven strength being able to deliver when it matters most. Our partners are known to consistently outperform the industry. You can be certain, whether you are an individual practitioner, a small-group practice, or a large Healthcare system we are here to protect your future with certainty.