What makes MBS different is our commitment to you. Our #1 priority is to secure your future with certainty. If you are frustrated with increasing malpractice premiums, lack of solid alternatives or bad service, MBS can help.

Lower Premiums

We bring a lot of new carriers to the table, which allows for a lot more choices for your medical malpractice insurance needs… and more choices usually mean lower premiums! In fact, the average savings for our clients is over 22.7% more savings to be exact.

Claims Scrubbing Technology

Besides having one of the widest arrays of insurance carriers available, our new “claims scrubbing technology” removes duplicate claims, frivolous claims and claims that have been closed without payment. Our job is to present your practice in the best light and have all our carriers vie for your business.

Superior Customer Service

All our agents will return your phone calls promptly, answer all your questions quickly, and treat your account with the respect and dedication you deserve.